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The following is a list of notable people who are listed or reported to be dyslexic, or who some ...... For example, among the more famous dyslexics in history, Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), a pioneer in the development of commercial electrical  ...


Jan 29, 2016 ... An inspiring sample of some self-compensated famous and successful dyslexics follows. But just remember&mdashfor every famous or ...


From Justin Timberlake to Whoopi Goldberg, many celebrities have learning and attention issues. Read about famous people with dyslexia, ADHD and other ...


Famous people and celebrities who have dyslexia. Creativity and success is celebrated by many people who have dyslexia.


An Index of Successful Dyslexics. Successful Biologist Carol Greider, Successful Heart Surgeon Delos Cosgrove, Successful Economist Diane Swonk,. Actors ...


Famously Successful Actors Who Are Dyslexic. The roles may differ, but these leading men all have dyslexia in common. Tom Cruise. 1. Tom Cruise This famous ...


Regularly updated profiles of famous and not-so-famous dyslexic adults with remarkable career achievements in arts, sciences, and public life.


A list of talented and accomplished individuals who share the gift of dyslexia.


A list of famous people with dyslexia and their stories. We Regularly updated profiles of famous dyslexics. Read and be inspired!