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A specific fear of clowns has sometimes been discussed in terms of a specific phobia. The term coulrophobia is a neologism coined in the context of informal ...


Oct 14, 2016 ... Dean Burnett: Despite their efforts, people are scared of clowns. It's because they trigger fear reflexes deep within our brains.


Oct 21, 2017 ... For a lot of people, the fear of clowns actually is part of a more general fear of masked creatures. In regular parlance it's called: coulrophobia.


The word Coulrophobia means a persistent and irrational fear of clowns. It possibly originates from Greek Kolon meaning stilt or stilt-walkers which are often  ...


Sep 5, 2017 ... The fear of clowns dates back years, with comedic clowns being featured in theatre in medieval times and continued into Shakespearean times ...


Horror · An artist with coulrophobia ("fear of clowns") is stalked by a murderous clown resembling one of the ones she paints.


Apr 20, 2012 ... Are you scared right now? Symptoms of coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, can include sweating, nausea, feelings of dread, fast heartbeat, crying ...


Sep 19, 2016 ... Do cheery clown faces creep you out? You aren't alone. It is estimated that 12 per cent of American adults have a phobia of clowns. The fear is ...


Coulrophobia definition, an abnormal fear of clowns. See more.