Oct 15, 2016 ... Pronuclear transfer (Fig. 1A) involves the transfer of pronuclei from one zygote to another (Craven et al., 2010). This technique first requires ...


Existing training courses (Franken et al., 2000; Björndahl et al., 2002) could ..... Using a centrifuge tube insert (ProInsert-15™, Nidacon; Fig. ... spiked semen samples (Loskutoff et al., 2004, 2005; Huyser et al., 2006). ..... V. ,. Burgess. C. ,. Drucker. E . Epidemiology of chronic hepatitis C virus infection in sub-Saharan Africa.


Jul 1, 2008 ... ... additives such as antioxidants, platelet-activating factor (PAF), etc (Fig. .... seems to be very promising (Loskutoff et al., 2005; Huyser et al., 2006). ...... Cost- effectiveness of primary offer of IVF vs. primary offer of IUI followed ...


Carin Huyser of University of Pretoria, Pretoria (UP) with expertise in: Human Biology. ... head morphometry and zona binding of human spermatozoa' by Falzone et al. ... FIG. 2. Annexin V assay assessing PS externalization and cell viability in ...


Nov 5, 2015 ... Carin Huyser at University of Pretoria · Carin Huyser ... Figures - uploaded by Carin Huyser. Author content ... chemical alterations in spermatozoa (Isachenko et al.,. 2003). .... bility (Annexin V/PI apoptosis assay) [23.7% 16.31 ..... Fig. 1 Percentage of Mitotracker Red CMXROS fluorescence after. freezing ...


... for ART management of HIV positive males (adapted from Ombelet et al., 2003; ... diminish microbe re-contamination ( Huyser and Fourie, 2010; Fourie et al., ...


Fig. 1. Elements that influence the prevention of infections during an ART ... be generic for all patients, irrespective of the type of ART procedure (Huyser, 2014). ... In addition, microdroplet cultures under oil (Magli et al., 2008) should .... The Problem of Contamination: Open vs. closed vs. semi-closed vitrification systems.


basal FSH at more than one cut-off value, then all possible ... Huyser et al. .... (Fig . 2). In Figure 2, five sensitivity-specificity points clearly de- viate from the estimated ROC ..... Martin JS, Nisker JA, Tummon IS, Daniel SA, Auckland JL, Feyles V.


NADH (Huyser et al., 1972; You, 1985). The data presented in Fig. 3 indicate a linear relationship ... using an oxygraph and is reported vs NADH concentration.