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Use antibiotics if the rotting is jagged. Use antifungal medication if the rot is more evenly spread out and the fin has holes. This may also be a symptom of an external columnaris infection, especially if it progresses rapidly (within 24 hours) and the rotted edge has a white, fuzzy appearance.


Mar 20, 2017 ... Fin Rot is a bacterial disease that occurs in aquarium fish and is caused by environmental factors. Learn how to diagnose, treat, and prevent fin rot.


May 29, 2017 ... How to Treat Fin Rot. Fin rot is a common symptom of a bacterial disease that can affect a variety of fish, from Betta fish to goldfish. It is often caused by a dirty tank, poor care, or exposure to other fish who have infectious diseases....


Aquarium Fish Fin Rot. Fin Rot Symptoms in Freshwater Fish. A fish with fin rot will have ragged, frayed fins. Both the fins and the tail may be affected. The edges of the fins are often discolored (sometimes lighter, sometimes darker). If left untreated the fins will eventually erode away and the infection will spread to the fish's ...


Class is in session, this is Fin Rot 101! Let's face it, we've all probably encountered fin rot at some point. Even the most experienced keepers have battled it before. Fin rot is a very common disease found in betta tanks, so here's a guide on how to recognize, treat, and prevent fin rot. Let's get started on what exactly fin rot is.


This is especially true if you are dealing with betta fin rot or gold fish fin rot. Betta and goldfish fin rot can also be combated by raising the temperature a few degrees along with the fin rot medication. Cooler water can sometimes provide better conditions for the fin rot bacterium. I recommend keeping fin and tail rot treatment ...


Jan 26, 2009 ... Fin rot is fairly easy to diagnose, though ideally you want to catch it when the disease is causing few symptoms as it'll be much easier to treat.


Jun 26, 2013 ... How to identify, diagnose, prevent and cure fin rot in betta fish. A detailed look at fin rot and how to treat and prevent this betta disease.


Fin Rot Treatment. Once Fin Rot sets in, change the water and examine the conditions within the aquarium. Remove everything from the aquarium and wash all the decorations and rocks with hot water. Do not use soap. Follow instructions for changing the water in the aquarium. Since Fin Rot is a bacterial infection, ...