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First base, or 1B, is the first of four stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a baserunner to score a run for that player's team.


Kids learn about the position of first baseman in baseball. Covering the bag and skills needed to play first base.


Jan 30, 2017 ... Position overview: A position of consistency like none other, the top five first basemen are basically the same top five we've seen for the past ...


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Who are the greatest first basemen of all time? From the incomparable talents of Lou Gehrig to the stunning abilities of modern-era players like Albert Pujols, this ...


Proper first base footwork can dramatically increase range and balance, making navigation around the first base bag a lot easier.


Define first baseman. first baseman synonyms, first baseman pronunciation, first baseman translation, English dictionary definition of first baseman. n. Baseball ...


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Define first baseman: the player who defends the area around first basefirst baseman in a sentence.