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Jan 10, 2014 ... Belt Survey (Dunham et al., 2013), which covered 11 ad- ... Protostar Survey ( Fischer et al., 2013; Manoj et al., 2013;. Stutz et ..... 3 plots Lbol vs.


Dec 27, 2017 ... not follow this prediction (Dunham et al. 2008; Fischer et al. 2013). A variety of initial conditions are present in star forming re- gions (Girichidis ...


During this period, nearly all stars brighter than V = 13.6 magnitude in the FOV were observed (52,496 in total). ..... E. W. Dunham et al., Astrophys. ... J. J. Fortney, in ASP Conference Series 398: Extreme Solar Systems, D. Fischer et al., Eds.


Sep 9, 2015 ... Dunham M. M., Stutz A. M., Allen L. E. et al 2014 Protostars and Planets VI ed H. Beuther et al (Tuscon, AZ: ... Maury A. J., André P., Men'shchikov A., Könyves V. and Bontemps S. 2011 A&A 535 A77 .... William J. Fischer et al.


Jun 1, 2011 ... This nomenclature differs from that proposed by Fischer et al., but is simpler ...... DeSevo C. G., Guo B. Z., Koshland D. E., Dunham M. J., et al. , 2009. .... Wood V., Gwilliam R., Rajandream M. A., Lyne M., Lyne R., et al. , 2002.


Oct 17, 2017 ... All populations undergo clonal expansions driven by de novo mutations but ..... Using the cloneHD algorithm (Fischer et al., 2014), we inferred the subclonal ..... diversity in asexual organisms (Dunham et al., 2002, Flot et al., 2013) and in ..... Illingworth C.J.R., Mustonen V. Components of selection in the ...


Fischer et al. .... V. OL. U. TION? Prominent early critic of the class system. Image credit: International ... Table from Dunham et al., 2013, PPVI review chapter.


Jul 15, 2016 ... How to Cite: Richter, N., Over, H., & Dunham, Y. (2016). .... an avatar representing the self nearer to other members of the ingroup versus the outgroup. .... Older children in Dunham et al. ..... Mundry, R. and Fischer, J. (1998).


et al. 2013; Fischer et al. 2013, Furlan et al., in prep.). With this analysis, we ... within the filamentary subregions of Orion A. Lombardi et al. ..... Dunham, M. M., Stutz, A. M., Allen, L. E., et al. ... Ossenkopf, V., & Henning, T. 1994, A&A, 291, 943.