Dec 9, 2018 ... Vinegar and ammonia are two common household items that can soften the wax enough for you to remove it from linoleum or vinyl floors.

Jan 26, 2012 ... To remove wax from floor tiles, use half a cup of ammonia in two gallons of water to scrub down the floors, and rinse the floors thoroughly with a ...


Strip old wax from vinyl with dishwasher detergent and ammonia. Use a sponge mop to ...


Prepare vinyl, no-wax, stone and tile floors for rewaxing by using this Trewax Instant Wax Remover. Instantly removes old floor wax buildup.


Aug 10, 2018 ... Many floor types can be waxed in order to protect them, including vinyl, tile, laminate and hardwood. Over time, though, this wax can start to ...


Jul 17, 2009 ... Tips for removing wax from floors. Removing old yellow wax build up and stains from tile, vinyl and linoleum floors. Stripping floor wax buildup.


Mary asked: How do I remove wax build up from vinyl flooring? My vinyl flooring is about 20 years old, and the wax is built up. The vinyl is looking yellow.


Old layers of floor finish or wax give your commercially tiled floors a dull scuffed ... Follow the dust mopping procedure to remove all debris, dirt, and large objects ...


Floor wax spots may led to pacing, but look no further. Learn stain removal tips to remove floor wax spots, clean stains, and treat floor streaks.