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Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over ... Unlike salsa, bachata dance does not usually include many turn patterns. In the West, various ... The tap is done on the opposite foot of the last step, while the next step is taken on the same foot as the tap. The dance direction ...


Here's an example of how you'll count your steps during a basic bachata: ... Step left with your left foot again on beat 3, then finally, raise your right foot off the .... almost identically to the left-and-right movements - in other words, you'll step ...


Feb 13, 2014 ... Exotic, hot, sexy and sensual are words that often used to describe these dances. .... Steps: Bachata basics consist of 3 steps and a tap. ... Similar to other Latin dances, in Cha-Cha, dancers keep their feet close to the floor and ...


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Bachata & Merengue ... Basic steps; Footwork required by the most common salsa or mambo turn patters; Free style footwork, which can be choreographed ( as in shines or ... In other words, the bar is the reference of the foot default position.


sailor step - A triple step dance pattern accomplished by leaning in the opposite direction of the crossing foot (weight stays centered over lead foots original ...


Apr 30, 2010 ... A combination of two or more patterns or movements. American style ... A change of weight from the ball of one foot to the flat of the other foot. break .... The partner dances originating from the Caribbean: mambo, rumba, merengue, etc. Leading ... In other words, they both break back simultaneously.


Click here to sign up for our Bachata Lessons in Toronto. ... Distinguishing characterics of Moderna style Bachata are the use of many turn patterns (similar to salsa turn patterns). .... materials of the shoe) but they are a great investment as they support your feet and allow for easier movement. .... Two words: Body movement.


Salsa; Cha - Cha; Merengue; Bachata; Mambo; Samba; Rumba .... The foot patterns are very simple – perhaps the simplest of all the partner dances. But what it lacks in ... Traditional, medium tempo; Too Marvelous for Words; Frank Sinatra.