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Jun 21, 2010 ... v. KAREN E. WIER, ESQ., ET AL. ORDER. June 21, 2010. ZOBEL, D.J.. Robert J. Forrest, administrator of the estate of Robert B. Cutler, a deceased veteran, brought suit against Cutler's former custodian, Karen E. Wier, for breach of fiduciary duty and negligence in discharging her duties as custodian.


In 1993, Willie Barnes suffered an amputation of his left leg below the knee in an industrial accident at the Georgia-Pacific (GP) wood processing plant where he worked. GP, its insurer Georgia Conversion Primary Ins. Co. and its workers' compensation servicing agent CCMSI, accepted the claim as catastrophic and began ...


((0.006–0.015 vs. 0.019–0.035). 4 Over 18 years, ingrowth exceeded mortality loss slightly, resulting in an increase in number of stems of about 1%, from 995 to .... dynamics (Bakker et al. 1996; Sheil 1999). Unfortu- nately, direct observations of long-term forest change are rare (but see Woods 2000a,b). Our study of Weir.


lakes and an important terrestrial component—forest cover—on the nutrient levels .... structure that may accompany global climate change (Schmitz et al., 2003). Our results indicate that both aquatic and terrestrial processes influence stream water chemistry .... least the past 30 years (Kari Grover-Wier and Liese Dean, U.S..


screens in Montana (Adams et al. 2005). □ Fish in the main channel downstream of the diversion can be stranded when a headgate is opened if instream water elevations drop abruptly. Some of the effects discussed above are direct, others are indirect, and all may be cumulative. Whether they are important or not depends ...


Recent surveys of tropical forest water use suggest that rainfall interception by the canopy is largest in wet maritime locations. ..... the TF vs. P relationships for day-time and night-time events (Schellekens et al., submitted). 5.2. Forest structural parameters. The results obtained with the various methods for determining the ...


Pfuntner A, Wier LM, Stocks C. HCUP statistical brief #162. Agency for Healthcare ... 1932;47:2159–79. 15. Thomson KJ, Rustein DD, et al. Electrocardiographic studies during and after pneumococcus pneumonia. Am Heart J 1946;31:565–79. 16. Esposito AL. .... Men have a higher death rate than women (18.6 vs. 13.9 per ...


promising treatment may consist of increased phy- sical activity in addition to controlling energy intake. Physical exercise rapidly increases energy ex- penditure and has been associated with improved weight control (Brook et al., 1995; King et al., 2001;. Wier et al., 2001). Exercise also causes a preferen- tial utilization of fat, ...


Nov 15, 2016 ... For example, a study from Taiwan (Juang et al., 2004) found a clear link between parental divorce and children's daily headache (chronic daily .... and suggest that future studies should replicate these results and scrutinize the role of oxytocin in mediating risk versus resilience to psychopathology after early ...