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Emerald had an Illinois gaming license to operate in East Dubuque. Emerald operated profitably in 1993 but then struggled to compete with an Iowa casino.


Frances Gecker is one of the founding partners of FrankGecker. ... She is currently the Chapter 11 trustee of an $80 million auto warranty company that served ...


In an attempt to recover the value of the license, the bankruptcy trustee sued .... The court affirmed the Board's decision to revoke Emerald's license, but not ... Initially filed as a Chapter 7 proceeding, Emerald converted the case into a Chapter 11 ... proceeding and appointed Frances Gecker as trustee over Emerald's estate.


3-3.1.2 United States Trustee's Initial Assessment of the Case ................35. 3-3.1. 3 ...... 3-12.1.6 An Individual Chapter 11 Debtor Does Not Receive a. Discharge ..... partnership bankruptcy filing, but filing prohibited by Fed. R. Bankr. ...... See Eisenberg & Gecker, The ...... ABC Automotive Products Corp., 210 B.R. 437 ( Bankr.


Jan 3, 2018 ... Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Law, January 2018. (Covering ..... transfers. The debtor Bahraini bank filed a chapter 11 case in New York.


Such reorganizations are carried out under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code ( th ... Plans of reorganization are the vehicle for the adjustment of creditors' and equity .... not only evidences the owners' belief that the debtor has a positive value, but ...... compromise, individual creditors, in lieu of the absolute priority rule , woul.


the form and extent of notice and a hearing to which an individual is entitled in ... Frances Gecker, Due Process and Bankruptcy: A Contradiction in Terms? ... notice of the hearing date on the debtor and the trustee, at least 30 days prior to the .... the notice did not inform creditors that a valuation hearing under 11 U.S.C.  ...


Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code' (the "Code" or the ... sions of the Code refer to the "trustee," they can be read to mean "debtor in ..... The term " interest" is not defined in the Code, but it refers to rights under common ..... petition leases of property of the estate); In re Braniff Airways, Inc., 700 F.2d 935 ( 5th Cir.


Section 363 sales allow a trustee or debtor-in-possession (“DIP”) to use, sell, or lease .... the estate expediently, and complete the sale without a lengthy chapter 11 ... A quick resolution in bankruptcy offers advantages not only to the debtor, but ...... 115Russell A. Eisenberg & Frances Gecker, Due Process and Bankruptcy : A ...