Francine Moran Hughes (later Wilson; August 17, 1947 – March 22, 2017) was an American woman who, after 13 years of domestic abuse, set fire to the bed of  ...


The Burning Bed is both a 1980 non-fiction book by Faith McNulty about battered housewife Francine Hughes, and a 1984 TV-movie adaptation written by Rose ...


Apr 1, 2017 ... Francine Hughes Wilson, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity after setting her abusive ex-husband on fire as he slept in 1977, ...


Mar 31, 2017 ... On March 9, 1977, Francine Hughes decided that she had had enough. Thirteen years of verbal and physical abuse from her hard-drinking, ...


Jun 6, 2018 ... Francine Hughes Wilson was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity in the 1977 death of her husband (not pictured), who abused her.


Mar 31, 2017 ... Francine Hughes confessed she had set fire to her home, where her ex-husband was sleeping.


O my name is Francine Hughes and I'll tell you no lie. Come listen to my story and I'll try to keep from cryin' I murdered my husband, there ain't no denyin'.


The Burning Bed: The True Story Of Francine Hughes--A Beaten Wife Who Rebelled [Faith McNulty] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


Mar 29, 2017 ... For 13 years, Francine Hughes endured a living hell. Abused by her first husband , Hughes reached a desperate point in her life. With no laws ...