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In the Middle Ages, the term Frank came to be used as a synonym for Western European, as the Carolingian Franks were rulers of most of Western Europe, and established a political order which was the basis of the European ancien regime that only ended with the French revolution. Western Europeans shared their ...


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Jul 27, 2004 ... When payments are made by cheque, the program prompts the cashiers to "frank the cheque", which means to insert it into a printer which puts the ... tr.v. franked, frank·ing, franks .... [above is a meld of info from New Shorter OED, Dictionary of Word Origins, and Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology].

Apr 25, 2011 ... 1. Blake Barnhart5 years ago. I just recently bought black headlight covers for my camaro and im worried that i wont be able to see very well at night with my stock headlights. i've been looking for headlight kits and of course there is none (that i could find) i'm leaning toward doing this with my car because it ...


Feb 27, 2015 ... Thompson. Thomas Arden. Albert Arena. Alexa Argerious. William Armistead. David Asti. John Bajger. Samantha Josephine Baker. Thomas Barnhart .... Jeremy Franker. Oscar Gelpi. Kathleen George. David Gillespie. Kelsey Hellstrom. Julie Hogan. Stephen Immasche. Margery Lexa. John Maceluch.


D. Important Recent Court Cases and Litigation Affecting the Disability Process. 101. E. Key Elements of Past Disability Process Tests. 104. III. Staff Components of the Social Security Administration with. Responsibilities in the Disability Process. 107. IV. Bibliography of Materials Related To Disability. 113. V. Glossary . 119.


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The second term of Eq. 3 gives the average rate of motor dissociation as a result of the MT sliding past immobilized motors, where v is the instantaneous sliding rate of the MT. We assume that a motor has equal probability to attach anywhere along the MT, and therefore the average distance the MT can slide before passing ...


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