WIPO ruled that the domain name registrant and accused cybersquatter, Russell Boyd, of Princeton, New Jersey, had no legitimate interest in the domain name ...


Jan 1, 2000 ... Steven S. Boyd. Follow this and .... As Circuit Judge Frank stated in Alfred Bell & Co. v. Catalda Fine Arts,23 ..... Franklin Mint Corp. v. National ..... 94-1476, supra note 2, at 51; see also CRAIG JOYCE ET. AL. ... Classifying all works as either compilations or derivatives,. 95. ...... 1984); Russell v. Price, 612 ...


an apple, the judge enjoins "all persons with notice of this injunction" and .... Co. v. Russell, 111 F. 417, 422 (C.C.D. Ind. 1901); Sumbry v. Land, 127 Ga. App. .... 143 (1909); Boyd v. ..... 1975); Franklin Mint Corp. v. .... 29 U.S.C. § 141 et seq.


its own marketing professionals and the company itself against its .... BARKER ET AL., supra note 9, at 181 (citing Klassen, supra note 9). 12. Id. ..... omitted) ( holding that Franklin Mint's use of the name and likeness of Princess Diana in ...... Id. at 82-83; see also CATHRINE V. JANSSON-BOYD, CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY.


... 2nd Series. US Federal Courts Reported Opinions, Decisions and Case Law from Justia. ... Preston Smith, et al., Plaintiffs-counter Defendants-appellees, v. Charles Joplin ..... Peggy Armstrong; Russell Hansen; Yvonne Hansen; and Maryhowell, Appellees, v. Charles Palmer, in His ...... (robert B.) v. Franklin Mint Company


Dec 16, 1970 ... greater access to all the information needed to arrive at the amount of the compensation ..... Circuit Court of Appeals in Franklin Mint Corp. v. ...... et bono, outside the boundaries of legal rules when a sense of equity .... (1978-1980) and A. WALTON & M. VITORIA, RUSSELL ON THE LAW OF ARBITRATION.


Apr 10, 1978 ... general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be ..... Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. et al. (3 documents)....... 14985,14996.


both C- and N-isotope assessments of carbonized food material (Hart et al. .... thew Boyd and colleagues document variable use of Z. aquatica (wild rice) as early ...... Meyer, David, and Dale Russell (1987) The Selkirk Composite in Central ...... Missouri River, in northern Franklin County, Missouri, and probably represents.


All the basic stratigraphic conclusions of the present report were shown on the ...... Brook east o:f the Oxford-Franklin County line, and on the prominent ridges at  ...