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Freaknik was an annual spring break meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, primarily of students from historically black colleges and universities. Begun in 1983 as a small picnic near the Atlanta University Center, it was initially sponsored by the DC Metro Club and was typically held during the third weekend in April to coincide with ...


From hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands, Freaknik grew, but during its first decade, almost all white Atlantans—and many black Atlantans over the age of 40—were oblivious. Then came Freaknik 1993.


Gallery of photos from Freaknik, the black college student spring break event in Atlanta in the early 1990s.


She does not know when or how many times her body was used - only that her swollen groin, ass, and breasts were a stinky, sticky mess when she woke up. She was on antibiotics for months for STDs when she finally returned to Rutgers. La Tayoa is livid when she hears others making plans for next year's freaknik.

Dec 24, 2015 ... See more Films Directed by @Slank_Slim at PenoliFilms.com A story of how the early 90's Freaknik, the biggest party to ever hit ATL, became one of the platfo...


Apr 12, 2013 ... Although the name Freaknik now conjures images of scantily clad, curvaceous women, crowded streets, and Sodom and Gomorrah–style public fun (and to some, lewd violence and animalistic behavior that denigrated and shamed Atlanta's black community), it had humble beginnings. It all started in 1982 ...


IS THE ATLANTA FREAKNIK OVER? For many years, especially during the late 80's and early 90's, the Freaknik was considered THE hot spot that many either heard about or was frequently visited to by the hundreds of thousands of black college students (and others) every April. For many of those years, it lived up to it's ...


After years of being missing in action, the celebrated Freaknik has returned!


Oct 4, 2016 ... Art: Ricardo Castaneda. If you're unfamiliar with Freaknik, the name should give you an idea of the level of notoriety the annual Atlanta party gained during its short tenure. What started out as a BBQ for some college kids around spring break in the early '80s would become a city issue that the Mayor and ...