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Mar 11, 2014 ... Case opinion for US 7th Circuit McMAHON v. LVNV FUNDING LLC. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Jan 10, 2018 ... Skinner v. LVNV Funding, LLC, 2018 WL 319320 (N.D. Ill. Jan. 8, 2018) does not unequivocally state what satisfies the “primary purpose” prong, but it does provide clear guidance about what does not. You can read the Skinner decision here. Background. Plaintiff, represented by attorney Celetha Chatman ...


Nov 28, 2017 ... An example of the above is Richardson v. LVNV Funding, LLC and First National Collection Bureau, Inc., 2017 WL 4921971 (N.D. Ill. Oct. 31, 2017). In this case, a Northern District of Illinois judge denied the defendants' motion to dismiss the complaint. This suit contains a single claim regarding the out of ...


McMahon apparently did not pay a 1997 utility bill. In 2011, LVNV purchased the debt, then $584.98. LVNV retained a collection agency, Tate, which sent a letter that said nothing about when the debt was incurred or the four-year Illinois statute of limitations. The district court dismissed McMahon's classwide allegations, but ...


Mar 30, 2017 ... No. 16-1346. LVNV FUNDING, LLC, its successors and assigns as assignee of CitiFinancial,. Inc.,. Creditor – Appellant, v. DERRICK ALLEN HARLING; TERESA STEVENS HARLING,. Debtors – Appellees, v. PAMELA SIMMONS-BEASLEY; JOY S. GOODWIN; U. S. TRUSTEE'S. OFFICE,. Trustees.