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Some RNA molecules play an active role within cells by catalyzing biological reactions, controlling gene expression, or sensing and communicating responses to cellular signals. One of these active processes is protein synthesis, a universal function where RNA molecules direct the assembly of proteins on ribosomes.


The central dogma of molecular biology suggests that the primary role of RNA is to convert the information stored in DNA into proteins. In reality, there is much more to the RNA story.


Learning Objectives. Describe the biochemical structure of ribonucleotides; Describe the similarities and differences between RNA and DNA; Describe the functions of the three main types of RNA used in protein synthesis; Explain how RNA can serve as hereditary information. Structurally speaking, ribonucleic acid ( RNA), ...


All tRNAs have two functions: to be chemically linked to a particular amino acid and to base-pair with a codon in mRNA so that the amino acid can be added to a growing peptide chain. Each tRNA molecule is recognized by one and only one of ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... RNA or Ribonucleic acid is formed from DNA; is responsible for the protein synthesis and transmission of genetic information. It is very essential in the formation of proteins stored in the ribosomes of a cell. It comes in different types: tRNA, m...


RNA, in one form or another, touches nearly everything in a cell. RNA carries out a broad range of functions, from translating genetic information into the molecular machines and structures of the cell to regulating the activity of genes during development, cellular differentiation, and changing environments.


Start studying Structure & Function of DNA and RNA. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


There are two main functions of RNA. It assists DNA by serving as a messenger to relay the proper genetic information to countless numbers of ribosomes in your body. The other main function of RNA is to select the correct amino acid needed by each ribosome to build new proteins for your body. While RNA is quite small in  ...


Functions of RNA. The main job of RNA is to transfer the genetic code need for the creation of proteins from the nucleus to the ribosome. This process prevents the DNA from having to leave the nucleus. This keeps the DNA and genetic code protected from damage. Without RNA, proteins could never be made.