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Feb 4, 2015 ... COMPANY AND SUBSIDIARIES, et al.,. Plaintiffs, v. ... Subs. v. United States, 95 Fed. Cl. 786 (2010); Principal Life Ins. Co. & Subs. v.


Nov 24, 2009 ... Kilimanjaro's ice loss is contemporaneous with widespread glacier retreat .... Table 1 also reveals that 26.4% of the mountain's 2000 ice cover .... 5) of LP, a slope glacier, illustrate that the glaciers off the plateau are ... Altmann et al. ... (14 –16) will soon disappear, most glaciers in tropical South America are ...


Aug 16, 2017 ... mountain glaciers, while simultaneously levels of lakes without .... However, for Hovsgul Nuur in north-central Mongolia, Kumagai et al. [38] ... massif in the northwest and eventually enters Khar-Us Nuur. .... Furthermore, we calculated also (v) the active layer thickness (ALT) as a linear interpolation of soil.


May 17, 2016 ... Citation: Zhang Y, Kang S, Zhang Q, Gao T, Guo J, Grigholm B, et al. ... from the TP provide us an opportunity to monitor past and present climate and .... All data were reported in the standard δ notation vs. the Vienna Standard ... the δ18O records from the Demula Glacier (DML) and Yulong Snow Mountain ...


Case opinion for US Supreme Court MASSACHUSETTS ET AL. v. ... Leaving aside the other greenhouse gases, the record indicates that the U. S. transportation ..... including "the global retreat of mountain glaciers, reduction in snow-cover ...


Consistent increase in High Asia's runoff due to increasing glacier melt and precipitation ... Rivers originating in the high mountains of Asia are among the most ..... USA 2010, 1–5 (2010). Show context. Immerzeel, W. W., Van Beek, L. P. & Bierkens, M. F. P. Climate change will affect the Asian water towers. ... Radić, V. et al.


Jan 11, 2016 ... See "Reply to Raposo do Amaral et al. ... biodiversity hotspot of eastern South America during glacial periods has been ignored in the literature.


Critically, Stanford et al. state that the artifacts “have been on exhibit since 1974” ( p. ... Parker's involvement in the story seems pertinent to us, both because he was the .... they would record LORAN readings when they hit hangs and obstructions. .... M.T. Boulanger, M.I. ErenOn the inferred age and origin of lithic bi-points on ...


Sep 23, 2016 ... Glaciers in high-mountain Asia hold the largest store of ice outside the ... ice in the Himalayas is ∼ 10 %, and Scherler et al. (2011) ... record of the Gangju La glacier in the Bhutan Himalaya ... launched by the United States, operational from 1971 to .... where V is ice volume change (m3), Di is the elevation.