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Apr 25, 2014 ... Summit Bank, N.A., et al., Defendants–Appellees. ... GMAC Mortgage Corporation, the predecessor in interest of appellant Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, refinanced a first mortgage loan on a home and surrounding ... In February 2006, the Francises mortgaged Parcel A to Summit Bank to secure a new loan.


Aug 24, 2011 ... Case opinion for CA Court of Appeal BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION v. SUPERIOR COURT ... BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION et al., Petitioners, v. SUPERIOR ... By 2005, Countrywide was the largest mortgage lender in the United States, originating over $490 billion in loans in that year alone.


Jul 31, 2013 ... Case opinion for CA Court of Appeal GLASKI v. ... BANK OF AMERICA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION et al., Defendants and Respondents. .... In September 2008, Glaski spoke to a representative of defendant Chase Home Finance LLC ( Chase), which he believed was an agent of JP Morgan, and made an ...


May 4, 2017 ... BOURNE VALLEY COURT TRUST,. Petitioner, v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.,. Respondent. On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States .... §116.3116 et seq. to require notice to the mortgage lenders. See Las Vegas Dev. Grp., LLC v . Yfantis, 2016. U.S. Dist. LEXIS 110793, 1-2 (D. Nev. Aug.


Dec 20, 2013 ... 109,412.67. EQCV071511. Bank of America NA vs. James M. Slade, et al. 01-15- 13. 1903 9th Avenue SW. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sold to Plaintiff for. $134,026.24. $ 125,350.13. EQCV070220. GMAC Mortgage LLC vs. Thomas S Edgar, et al. 01 -15-13. 1860 Charleston Drive. Marion, Iowa. Sold to Plaintiff for.


17-1185 Julie Barlia v MWI Veterinary Supply Inc, Play · Save. 17-1367 Tara Nikolao v Nick Lyon, Play · Save. 17-3145 Eclipse Resources - Ohio LLC v Scott Madzia et al, Play · Save. 17-3207 Shelbi Hindel v Jon Husted et al, Play · Save. 17-5221 William Grise v Ronald Allen, Play · Save. 17-5300 MG v Williamson County ...


Aug 2, 2010 ... GMAC Mortgage LLC vs. Avery, Julianne et al, 131,003.31, 3210 W. 33rd St. Ct., 2009 CA 006328. U.S. Bank NA vs. Dornbos, Steven L. et al, 219,440.66, 4006 Duck Creek Way, Ellenton, 2009 CA 007692. Bac Home Loans Servicing LP vs. Orr, Michael W. et al, 387,454.90, 9203 Winter Harbour Way, ...


Jul 4, 2011 ... MANATEE COUNTY Maverick Holdings & Investments LLC and Whitney Bank, $100000, 2383 7170, 1915 24th Ave. ... Horizon Bank vs. Reynolds, Melissa et al , $281,373.23, Sect. 33, Tws. 33, Rng. 19, 2010 CA 003683. 07/14/2011. GMAC Mortgage LLC vs. Gigante, Steven D. et al, $360,483.60, 3903 E.


Jul 25, 2014 ... 13-572 (CKK) v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., et al., Defendants. MEMORANDUM OPINION (July 25, 2014) Plaintiff Terry Walter Conant (“Conant” or .... Id., Ex. D ( Application to convert Wachovia Mortgage, FSB, North Las Vegas, Nevada to a national bank and application to merge the converted bank with ...