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A crow-stepped gable, stepped gable, or corbie step is a stairstep type of design at the top of the triangular gable-end of a building. The top of the parapet wall projects above the roofline and the top of the brick or stone wall is stacked in a step pattern above the roof as ...


The gable design of the roof will also allow for excellent rain and snow runoff in wet climates. Follow these steps to build one of these functional roofs yourself.


Step 5: Mark and Attach Trusses. Beginning at the shorter side of the deck roof, mark the locations for the roof trusses every 24 inches on center of the tops of the  ...


First, the most common type of failure is loss of roof sheathing from the gable end that .... The first step in strengthening and bracing the gable end is to install 2x4 ...


Step-by-step guide. Go to Modelling tab, open the drop down menu of Roof, choose Gable. Define the directions of the gable and slopes by selecting 3 corner  ...


Apr 26, 2017 ... Pros: Gable roofs will easily shed water and snow, provide more space for ... Cons: Gable roofs can be problematic in high wind and hurricane-prone areas. ..... Roofing Installation DIY Home Improvement Step by Step Guide!


A gable roof has a ridge at the center and slopes in ... is that it is more difficult to construct than a gable roof. .... Then, “step off” this cut as many times as the.


DIYNetwork.com has step-by-step instructions for how to build a classic doghouse.


Building a roof can be one of the more difficult aspects of construction, especially if the roof has dormer windows and complex angles. The gable roof is ...