Sep 21, 2018 ... Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jason W. Galanis ... 24, 2015). U.S. v. Jason Galanis, et al., No. 15 Cr. 643 (S.D.N.Y.). The Securities ...


Sep 25, 2018 ... The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) deems it ... Accounting Oversight Board (United States) (“PCAOB”) and opined that ... SEC v. Jason W. Galanis, et al., 15-cv-07547-VSB (S.D.N.Y.); United States v.


May 11, 2016 ... Plaintiff Securities and Exchange Commission ("Commission"), for its Complaint .... Jason Galanis, et al., 15 Cr. 0643 (PKC) (S.D.N.Y.) ("US v.


Mar 8, 2019 ... Robert Khuzami, Attorney for the United States, Acting Under Authority ... in the Indictment filed against JOHN GALANIS and statements made in .... to the Securities and Exchange Commission and committing mail fraud.


Nov 15, 2018 ... UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW ... and Devon Archer were convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy to ..... On August 22, 2014, Hirst signed trade tickets effecting the purchase of the entirety of the ... which John Galanis characterizes as a legitimate commission he ...


Jun 28, 2018 ... ROBERT KHUZAMI, Attorney for the United States, Acting Under Authority Conferred ... Simultaneously, Jason Galanis, with the backing of ARCHER and ... Service, and thanked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Mar 27, 2019 ... Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 10b–5 makes it unlawful to ... (b) Lorenzo counters that the only way to be liable for false state-.


May 11, 2016 ... Devon Archer, Jason Galanis and others face securities-fraud charges related ... The Securities and Exchange Commission filed related civil charges. ... Mr. Archer was the college roommate of the secretary of state's stepson, ...


Subsequent to that blog post, the United States Supreme Court granted Lyle's petition for a writ ... The case, Securities and Exchange Commission v. ... Galanis Appeal Leads To Limited Remand To Determine Whether Counsel Was Ineffective.