Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – July 27, 1963) was an African American inventor and businessman as well as an influential political leader.


Garrett Augustus Morgan was born on March 4, 1877, in Paris, Kentucky. He attended elementary school in Kentucky, but he spent most of his time working on  ...


Unable to sell his gas mask to fire departments in the South, Morgan hired an ... Garrett Morgan's safety hood saved the lives of countless firefighters and others.


Garrett Morgan. (1877–1963). Morgan saved lives by inventing an early version of the gas mask and a new form of traffic signal. Background: Morgan was born ...


Read about famous black inventor Garrett A. Morgan, who developed both the first traffic signal invention and the first patented gas mask.


*On this date, in 1877, we mark the birth of Garrett Augustus Morgan. He was an African American businessman and inventor. The son of former slaves, Garrett ...


Apr 2, 2014 ... Learn more about Garrett Morgan's inventions, including a patented sewing machine, automated traffic light, hair straightener and respiratory ...


Garrett Morgan was a Cleveland inventor who created a device called the Morgan safety hood and smoke protector. It is now known as the gas mask.


Garrett A. Morgan Garrett was born on March 4, 1877, in Paris, Ky., USA. The son of former slaves, he received only a sixth-grade education but that did not stop ...