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Henshel (1978) listed 15 such factors - that may influence the prison sanction- crime rate relationship (see also Gendreau & Ross, 1981; von Hirsch et al., 1999) . .... A closely allied view is that the effects of imprisonment are conditional, that while prisons generally have little effect on offenders, there are exceptions to the rule.


recidivism (Gendreau et al., 1994). Andrews and Bonta (1994) identify two categories of risk factors: static and dynamic. Static factors (i.e., age, previous convictions) are aspects of the offender's past that are predictive of recidivism but cannot be changed. Dynamic risk factors, or what Andrews and Bonta commonly refer to ...


Andrews, D.A., Zinger, I., Hoge, R.D., Bonta, J., Gendreau, P., & Cullen, F.T. ( 1990). Does correctional treatment work? ... Cullen, F.T., Blevins, K.R., Trager, J.S., & Gendreau, P. ( 2005). The rise & fall of boot camps: A case study in .... When works collide: Social science, politics, and the Rind et al. (1998) child sexual abuse ...


Dec 18, 2008 ... mass imprisonment philosophy that has packed prisons and sent corrections costs through the roof around the ..... GENE KASSENBAUM ET AL., PRISON TREATMENT AND PAROLE SURVIVAL 8 (1971) (em- ..... corrections and the allied health professions proscribed double celling and/or called for a.


Date: December 28, 2017. Docket Number: 3:2017cv00686. Davis v. Paramo et al. Date: December 27, 2017. Docket Number: 3:2016cv00689. Caputo v. City of San Diego Police Dept. et al. Date: December 22, 2017. Docket Number: 3: 2016cv00943. The Regents of the University of California et al v. Affymetrix, Inc. et al


the studies (Gordon & Arbuthnot, 1987; Tolan et al., 1986) showed reductions in ... involved in drug and alcohol use or delinquency (Brown et al., 1993; Patterson, 1986). ..... V. Dissemination. Since 1998, the U.S.. Government has funded several investigators to identify the most effective interventions that reduce violence, ...


Dec 11, 2013 ... ааModern biological and psychological explanations. Adler et al. chapter 4. September 22: Why'd they do it?ааSocial explanations of crimeан strain. Adler et al. chapter. 5. ..... University of Texas System, Part 1, Chapter VI, Section 3, and in Title V, Rules on Student Services and Activities of the university's ...


In their essay, Mónica Gendreau and Gilberto Giménez analyze the impact of economic and cultural globalization on traditional rural communities in central ...... See Ybarra-Frausto for a more in depth discussion. return to text; Massey et al. describe the integration process of illegal immigrants in the following terms: “ Al ...


A prototype of the framework is described in Pesenson, et al., "Multiscale Astronomical. Image Processing Based on ..... on Astronomy Enabled by Ares V" (NASA/CP-2008-214588) among other national and international papers and ...... designs and rife with packing and performance compromises. In addition to low.