Nov 5, 2005 ... allied view is that the effects of imprisonment are conditional, that while prisons .... "treatment" condition (e.g., prison vs. no prison) and recidivism. ..... Typical of other prison literatures (e.g., Gendreau et al., 1997), virtually ...


alleviate offenders' personal distress (Gendreau et al., 1990; Hoge et al.,. 1993). .... Studies that used “more” versus “less” crime categorizations were not used.


where V is the vertex set, A is the arc set, and a nonne- gative cost ... survey ( Eiselt, Gendreau and Laporte 1995), one seeks a minimum-cost .... Beltrami and Bodin (1974), Bodin et al. (1989), and ..... act algorithm were also proposed by Christofides et al. (1986). ..... m = E(X„VJEA qu/Wl, but any of the known bin packing.


a complete and directed graph with vertex set V = {0,...,n}, where vertex 0 rep- resents the depot .... tion in the light of new information (Mitrovic-Minic et al. 2004) .


problem (TSP), where it is not necessary to visit all vertices. A profit is ... Let a profit pi be associated with each vertex vi ∈ V. (with p1 ... ally defined in terms of a path to be found between ..... Packing con- .... Rosenwein 1994, Gendreau et al .


Results. More vs. Less Time in Prison. Incarceration vs. Community-Based ... The results from these meta-analyses (Gendreau et al., 1999; Gendreau, Goggin, ...


Apr 1, 2018 ... Vehicle routing problems have been the subject of intensive research ... a Bin Packing Problem aiming to assign loads to capacitated vehicles, and a Travelling ..... Noteworthy is also the GENI insertion operator (Gendreau et al. ...... usu- ally addressing specific problem types (e.g. Green VRP [8], Dynamic ...


ally necessary to replace some feeders when switching from the production of ... which occupy more than one feeder slot (Jain et al., 1996;. Gronalt et al., 1997; ..... fact, with tools of different sizes, a “bin packing” issue ex- ists, so it ... neighbors of v. Gendreau et al. ... Type-1 insertion of job v between jobs vi and vj in GENI.


May 7, 2004 ... Methods for data alteration ( from Brady et al. .... The work was described as 'perv research' by the British tabloid ... integrity to examine when it might be ethically defensible. .... forth one rainy night with our tapes packed in a suitcase to meet a ...... Wichmann and Gendreau (2001) suggested, such limits to ...