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Z in Transcriptional Regulation of Stress-Response Genes ..... showed overrepresentation of genes involved in Response to stimulus (P ...... Smith, A.P.,; Jain, A.,; Deal, R.B.,; Nagarajan, V.K.,; Poling, M.D.,; Raghothama, K.G.,; Meagher, R.B. ..... Sulfate is Incorporated into Cysteine to Trigger ABA Production and Stomatal ...

Jul 31, 2017 ... Brigid Chiyoko Poling, Alexander M. Price1, Micah A. Luftig, and Bryan ..... we did not observe any rescue of the slow growth phenotype (p<0.05) (Fig. ...... and stem -loop miRNA specific primers (ThermoFisher Scientific, Inc.).

Aug 1, 2015 ... AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts. ... Analysis of the gene expression profiles of an extensive collection of murine breast tumors enabled the ... This article is featured in Highlights of This Issue, p. 1765 ..... T. Proia, F. Jiang, A. Bell, L. Kong, K. Kreuter, L. Poling, M. Flaherty, S. Perino.

Aug 4, 2018 ... Jeffry P. Stearns, Organist ..... Mr. Dollens is currently Chairman of the Board, Halyard Health, Inc., past Chair of ... Mr. Dollens has held the Harold Poling Chair of Business and Government ...... Gene M. Kent, Palos Heights, IL.

Apr 4, 2011 ... Running title: GPX-PDEs in P Stress and Root Hair Growth. 1. 2 .... modification of gene expression and developmental processes (Williamson et al.,. 9 ...... Inc., Sacramento, CA) filled with deionized water for the first week and with 1 mM Pi. 6 ..... Jain A, Poling MD, Karthikeyan AS, Blakeslee JJ, Peer WA, ...;year=2016;volume=18;issue=3;spage=475;epage=479;aulast=Liu

Jul 31, 2015 ... The potential of CRISPR-Cas9 to treat or prevent human genetic .... tests were performed using SPSS version 17.0 software (SPSS Inc, ... As shown in [Figure 2] , consistent with the previous results, the E7 gene of HPV6 (P < 0.001, .... Kennedy EM, Kornepati AV, Goldstein M, Bogerd HP, Poling BC, et al.

Samuel A. Ball, Henry R. Kranzler, Howard Tennen, James C. Poling, and Bruce J. Rounsaville (1998). Personality ... Genes, Brain and Behavior 15:1, 74-88.

Jimann Shin, Justin Poling, Hae-Chul Park, Bruce Appel ..... Thus, birth date, gene expression and lineage data are all consistent with the idea that two different ...