George Corley Wallace Jr. (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998) was an American politician and the 45th Governor of Alabama, a position he occupied for  ...


George C. Wallace, 79, the four-time governor of Alabama and four-time candidate for president of the United States who became known as the embodiment of ...


Sep 9, 2018 ... George Wallace, in full George Corley Wallace, also called George C. Wallace, ( born August 25, 1919, Clio, Alabama, U.S.—died September ...


During an outdoor rally in Laurel, Maryland, George Wallace, the governor of Alabama and a presidential candidate, is shot by 21-year-old Arthur Bremer. Three.


The role of George Wallace in the history of the United States of America.


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George Wallace, Self: Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment. George Corley Wallace (August 25, 1919 - September 13, 1998), elected Governor of Alabama ...


George Corley Wallace, Jr. (25 August 1919 – 13 September 1998) was an American politician who was elected the Governor of Alabama as a Democrat for  ...


Aug 16, 2018 ... George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign was chaotic –and prophetic.