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Illusions of self-motion refers to a phenomenon that occurs when someone feels like their body is moving when no movement is taking place. One can experience illusory movements of the whole body or of individual body parts, such as arms or legs.


Everyone who suffers from sea sickness dreams of 'getting their sea legs'. But what does this actually mean, and how do you do it? Getting your sea legs means that your brain adjusts to the rolling and pitching of the boat or ship, learning to compensate for it, and ultimately experiencing the motion as 'normal'. Therefore ...


Keep moving after you get off the boat: Take a long walk to get your body reconditioned to being back on land. Do some motion exercises like jumping jacks. Yoga exercises can also help.


This was not just sea legs - I was not sick at my stomach, but had a "brain fog", like it was very difficult to concentrate, and I felt like the room was off balance. This lasted a ... I'm curious as leave on an Alaskan cruise 7/25 and then land tour and am nervous about getting dizzy on land after cruise. I've only ...


Land sickness after a sea voyage is best avoided, but if preventative methods haven't been successful, there are a number of possible remedies.


If you set foot onto a boat or a cruise ship in rough waters, you'll want to bring your sea legs. This term originally only referred to the process of getting used to the constant pitching and rocking on the high seas. It's broadened over the years, and now getting your sea legs can also mean getting used to any new situation.


Jan 10, 2017 ... The best defence against seasickness is the ability to adapt to the motion of a boat or a ship — this is also known as getting your 'sea legs'. But scientists disagree about the cause of seasickness and how getting your sea legs works.


Just got back in from a day sail. Winds out of the south at 20 knots gusting to 30. It was a great day to sail. It takes me and the wife about 5 min to get our sea legs and we don't have any issues with getting our land legs back. However after the sail today we both sat down at our own computers at the same ...


Jun 12, 2007 ... Nine years of pitching and rolling have forced Mrs. Josselyn to quit her job as a court reporter and forgo the exotic trips she used to enjoy, and she wants nothing more than to get off the boat. “Landsickness” or “reverse seasickness” is familiar to many people who have taken long cruises — once the body ...