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Oct 2, 2017 ... Be careful ghost, the teachers in this school are most aggressive psychopaths ... If you watch the other CBS mannequin challenge video on this ...
Oct 26, 2017 ... Haunting or Hoax?More CCTV from Deerpark CBS, the most haunted school in the world? Video captured on 26th October 2017.
Jun 20, 2017 ... REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA! .... when i watch lances haunted apartment videos i get a bad vibe like i feel like something bad is ...


Oct 24, 2017 ... A video purportedly showing a ghost haunting a hallway at a school in Cork, Ireland, went viral in October 2017 — just in time for Halloween.


Video thumbnail for Palmetto Scene- Ghost Caught on Camera at USS Yorktown. 0:00. Off Air ... What they didn't expect was actually to catch a ghost on camera.


Oct 2, 2017 ... Some wonder if this ghost sighting is just a prank, but the school's principal ... Some critics in the video's comments write that it must be a prank.


Nov 7, 2017 ... Deerpark C.B.S, a "haunted" high school in Ireland just released another security tape revealing even more eerie footage.


Sep 24, 2014 ... A police officer from Espanola, New Mexico, says he captured a ghost on camera while on duty. Affiliate KOAT reports.


Oct 10, 2017 ... This video isn't the first time people have claimed to experience a ghost at the school.