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May 5, 1993 ... 4.3 The initial language legislation was struck down by the Supreme Court in La Chaussure Brown's Inc. et al. v. the Attorney General of Quebec (1989) 90 N.R. 84. Following this, section 58 of the Charter was amended by section 1 of Bill No. 178. While certain modifications were made relating to signs and ...


1.2 The authors refer to the prohibition to strike for provincial public employees in the Province of Alberta under the Alberta Public Service Employee Relations Act of 1977 and claim that such prohibition constitutes a breach by Canada of article 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. 2.1 The facts of the  ...


Mar 31, 1993 ... John Ballantyne et al v. Canada. (Communication Nos. 359/1989, 385/1989). Subject: Article 19, 27, 26 – right to freedom of expression, restrictions to protect the rights and reputations of others; rights of persons belonging to minorities; discrimination on the ground of language: English-speaking residents ...


(Hinzman et al. 2005). These observations have led to hypotheses that continued increases in average temperatures may cause future evapotranspiration rates to ... northwestern Canada, they represent the models' ability to capture the spatial patterns within ...... Shutov, V., Gieck, R. E., Hinzman, L. D., Kane, D. L. (2006).


Clement, et al, 1984. Clement DB, Taunton JE, Smart GWAchilles tendinitis and peritendinitis: etiology and treatment. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 12 ( 1984), pp. 179- ... Gieck JH, Saliba ENApplication of modalities in overuse syndromes ... Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education, Jan/Feb (1991 ), pp.


Oct 20, 2014 ... polygon terrace in the valley of the Glacier C-79 on Bylot Island, Nunavut ( Canada), one of ... et al 2007). Thermo-erosion gullies are an integral part of continuous permafrost landscape evolution and as such were observed in Alaska , Yukon, North Western ... (channelized versus overland and sheet flow).


Feb 27, 2001 ... LAMMERS ET AL.: PAN-ARCTIC RIVER DISCHARGE. Table 1. Comparison of River Discharge Data Sets. Region. Source. R-ArcticNet a v. 1.1 RivDisa v. 1.0 WMO-GRDC b. North America. Environment Canada and. 2233. 43. 93. United States Geological. Survey. Eurasia. State Hyrdrological Institute.


Aug 4, 2017 ... Introduction. Arctic wetlands cover large areas of Alaska, Canada and Russia and their hydrology plays a major role in local to global energy, nutrient and global carbon exchange [Gorham, 1991; Gutowski et al., 2007]. The changing Arctic climate includes increased air temperatures [Kaufman et al., 2009] ...


May 31, 2016 ... Climate change is most pronounced in high latitude regions (Johannessen et al., 2004; Serreze and. Francis, 2006 ... linked to permafrost degradation and thermokarst formation (Jorgenson et al., 2006; Lantz and Kokelj, 2008;. 15 ...... projections for all of Alaska and Northwest Canada (Rupp et al., 2015).