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Grant Tadman et al (represented by Mr. Brian Forbes from Forbes Singer Smith Shouldice, a law firm in Ottawa, Ontario) v. Canada, Communication No.


May 5, 1993 ... 178 overrides the safeguards contained in the Canadian Charter of ... Brown's Inc . et al. v. the Attorney General of Quebec (1989) 90 N.R. 84.


The respondents are homosexual couples who wish to be issued marriage certificates. The province of Ontario will not do so, and cites the common law ...


Jul 12, 2016 ... As described by Reager et al., understanding this uncertainty will ... and western Canada, and much of the non-coastal areas have a ... This figure was generated using MiraMon v.7.1 (http://www.creaf.uab.es/miramon/Index_usa.htm). ..... Kane, D. L., Gieck, R. E. & Hinzman, L. D. Evapotranspiration from a ...


The boreal region in Alaska and Canada, largely underlain by discontinuous ..... et al., 2011) and lightning strikes are more prevalent in upland terrain versus ...


Jan 28, 2006 ... These spectral results suggest a linkage between the Atlantic Multidecadal ... spring peak discharge magnitude due to advanced snowmelt [Yang et al., 2002]. ... Location of the Boothia Peninsula in Canada is shown in the lower inset. ..... Bowling, L. C., D. L. Kane, R. E. Gieck, L. D. Hinzman, and D. P. ...


Soft tissue injuries are a very common cause of morbidity in both competitive and recreational athletes. Most of these ... Bovens AM, Janssen GM, Vermeer HG, et al. ... Gieck JH, Saliba ENApplication of modalities in overuse syndromes ... Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education, Jan/Feb (1991), pp. 41-49.


Canada, a proposed open-pit outline intersects the present terminus of Mitchell .... Haynes 1978; Michel 1978; Currier and Schulson 1982; Schulson et al. ... Compressive strength and density of ice versus a variety of rock types [data from ..... [1.01 J=g=K for air at 100°C and 4.22 J=g=K for water at 100°C (Gieck and Gieck.


Aug 22, 2012 ... Respiratory gas analysis was performed using a Vmax Metabolic Measurement System (SensorMedics). ... The SCPT as per the protocol of Bean et al24 was used. ..... Canadian Thoracic Society recommendations for management of ... Anderson MA, Gieck JH, Perrin DH, Weltman A, Rutt R, Denegar C.