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Hedy Halpern and Colleen Rogers, Michael Leshner and Michael Stark, Aloysius Pittman and Thomas Allworth, Dawn Onishenko and Julie Erbland, Carolyn Rowe and Carolyn Moffatt, Barbara McDowall and Gail Donnelly, and Alison Kemper and Joyce Barnett ...


May 5, 1993 ... 4.3 The initial language legislation was struck down by the Supreme Court in La Chaussure Brown's Inc. et al. v. the Attorney General of Quebec (1989) 90 N.R. 84. Following this, section 58 of the Charter was amended by section 1 of Bill No. 178. While certain modifications were made relating to signs and ...


Aug 4, 2017 ... Introduction. Arctic wetlands cover large areas of Alaska, Canada and Russia and their hydrology plays a major role in local to global energy, nutrient and global carbon exchange [Gorham, 1991; Gutowski et al., 2007]. The changing Arctic climate includes increased air temperatures [Kaufman et al., 2009] ...


ROBERT E. GIECK. Water and Environmental Research Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska. (Manuscript received 27 December 2002, ... KANE ET AL. FIG. 1. A map of the nested watersheds being studied on the North. Slope of Alaska, including hydrological and meteorological station locations.


Recent cooling along the southern shore of Hudson Strait, Quebec, Canada, documented from permafrost temperature measurements. ... Anisimov O.A., Anohin Y.A., Lavrov S.A., Malkova G.V., Myach L.T., Pavlov A.V., Romanovsky V.A., Streletskiy D.A., Kholodov A.L., Shiklomanov N.I. (in Russian alphabetical order). 2012.


Wiemeyer et al. 1988: 785). Wet-weight DDE levels of 2.0 parts per million (ppm) in egg contents associated with 10% thinning in eggshells, 4.2 ppm with 15% .... In the Great Lakes basin of Canada, 1991–1995, organochlorine levels in eggs were generally low, with breeding success well above replacement levels ( Martin ...


Financial frictions are introduced through endogenous default of banks and firms like in de Walque et al. (2009) and nominal frictions are introduced through price adjustment cost `a la Rotemberg like in Gieck and. Trazyck (2010). The most common unconventional measures used during the financial crisis are replicated in ...


Research article. 07 Mar 2017. Estimation of surface energy fluxes in the Arctic tundra using the remote sensing thermal-based Two-Source Energy Balance model Jordi Cristóbal et al.


a Environment Canada, Climate Research Division, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... MacKay et al. Fig. 1. Distribution of North American lakes: (a) on the basis of satellite remote sensing; (b) as resolved by a typical simulation of the Canadian Regional Climate Model. .... determine the relative importance of wetlands vs. lakes in.