May 9, 2017 ... 636234478591570894-Gillette-Fusion-ProGlide-Power-Razor.jpg ... Last month, P&G executives disclosed online sales of all brands now ...


Apr 16, 2012 ... If you shaved today, either in the U.S. or in India, you probably used a Gillette razor. Gillette (now a brand of P&G), reportedly has had a U.S. ...


Mar 22, 2018 ... Gillette taps twins for New York facial hair fashion show to help illustrate ... it's important for razor brands to offer more than one blade option.


Oct 16, 2018 ... ... Harry's Takes on Gillette Again With Its First Women's Razor Brand ... Harry's is taking its direct-to-consumer razor model to the $1 billion ...


Jun 24, 2009 ... Gillette's dominance of the razor-blade market means it must drive profitability in innovative ways.


Jul 14, 2013 ... Most Popular Razor: Gillette Fusion/Fusion ProGlide ... Solingen, a german company that's the keeper of the Merkur brand and line of products.


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3 days ago ... This Guy Got So Mad At Gillette He Threw His Razor In The Toilet And ... men have threatened a Gillette boycott or otherwise dissed the brand.


Sep 15, 2003 ... Since 1910, Gillette had asserted that its razor was a "godsend to a sailor" .... of the Gillette brand, bonding masculinity to high-quality products.