"Clarke County Geology and Mineral Resources" by William A. Gilliland and ..... State Highway 18 from Pachuta through Quitman to Butler, Ala bama. ..... laminated carbonaceous clays (Toulmin, et al., 1951, p. 74-93). .... v. L—k .^w*. -.- . Figure 14.—Contact between Meridian Sand member and Basic City Shale member of.


et al. (2007), that included the greenhouse effect and the spectral energy distribution of ... 50 ± 0.1 C such that the column density of Iodine remains constant (Butler et al. ... dwarfs with B-V, V magnitude, and chromospheric activity similar to GJ 581. .... Gilliland & Baliunas (1987) (hereafter GB87), in Figure 3, we use an ...


She was a woman of bright intellect, thoughtful, patient, and self-denying, al- ways ...... :i □ □ I H □ ;'v 344 HISTORY OF BUTLER COUNTY. uty recommended ...... 1836, and is the younger sou of Daniel and Eliza! et h ( McCloskey) Sortman. ...... Gilliland was also one j of the early residents of Venice, and was a pastor of ...


Steven W. Lane, David T. Scadden and D. Gary Gilliland ..... For a complete review of the microenvironment in myeloma, see Podar et al. ... therapeutic applications: creating a nonpermissive hematopoietic microenvironment that favors support of normal versus leukemic stem cells ..... Hooper AT,; Butler JM,; Nolan DJ,; et al.


Correspondence of Nancy V. Bentley, Jordan R. Bentley, and J. Marshall Bentley. ..... The papers of A.L. Brock contain personal reminiscences of A.L. Brock; Wyoming ..... Papers of George M. Butler, a surveyor, owner of the Lexington, Missouri Telegraph, ...... Photos of Gilliland and Randol family members, 19th century.


et al. 1997), could serve as a key example. This. This content downloaded from ...... Butler, V, Bornman, C. H., Gilliland, M. G., Carter, M. & Evert, R. F. 1971.


Nov 24, 2017 ... Working towards personalization in medicine: main obstacles to reaching this vision from today's perspective. Lada Leyens et al., Personalized ...


main-sequence and subgiant stars closer than 110 pc, brighter than V ¼ 10:5, and ... orbital periods of a few days (Butler et al. ... orbital parameters (e.g., Butler et al. ...... Charbonneau, D., Brown, T. M., Noyes, R. W., & Gilliland, R. L. 2002, ApJ,.


ammonium and nitrate concentrations in weekly vs. daily sampling ... et al., 1985; Butler and Likens, 1998; Rothert et al.,. 2000; Gilliland et al., 2002). This is ...