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This is a list of notable Polish Americans, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants. Helena Modjeska actress who specialized in Shakespearean roles. Ralph Modjeski son of Helena Modjeska bridge designer in the United States. Engineer Casimir Gzowski ...


For these reasons, in the early 1800s, North Carolina acquired the nickname, the “Rip Van Winkle” state, for it slept soundly as America moved forward without it. Arguably, North ... James Iredell had led the campaign for ratification, but as a Supreme Court justice he dissented from the court's decision in Chisholm v. Georgia ...


paced the growth in agricultural markets in general (Van Winkle, 2004). Karla Chambers of Stahlbush ...... Sustainable Northwest. Hartman Group, “ experiences vs. products: what is the value of organic?,” http://www.hartman- ...... Tom Gillpatrick, Food Industry Leadership Center, Portland State University. Martin Goebel ...


Jul 12, 2017 ... Accordingly, Winkel et al. found that up to 54% of the lncRNAs identified as MYC regulated in P493-6 cells are regulated also in the comparison between BL and ..... Cawley S., Bekiranov S., Ng H.H., Kapranov P., Sekinger E.A., Kampa D., Piccolboni A., Sementchenko V., Cheng J., Williams A.J., et al.


(°C). Type of Equilibrium. Phase Reaction at Invariant Temperature. 55. 63. 495 ± 5. 475 ± 5. Perltectic. Eutectic. LIF +L ^=^LIF-CsF. L V 'LIF-CsF + CsF. 900. 800 ...... C. H. Gabbard. W. R. Gall. J. S. Gill. J. H. Gillette. L. 0. Gilpatrick. J. M. Googin (Y-12). R. S. Greeley. A. T. Gresky. J. C. Griess. W. R. Grimes. E. Guth. P. A. Haas.


Arthur V. Fox. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Fox. Reilly-Ann Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Ken L. Franklin. Bobby Freeman. Mr. Charles and Dr. Barbara. Friedman. Ali Ganjei ...... Heidi Gilmore. David D. Gilpatrick. Susan Gilson. Cynthia W. Gindlesperger. Lt. Gen.* and Mrs. William H. Ginn, Jr. The Gioconda Family. Peggy Girshman and.


V. Van Winkle. 699. V. Wabash Ry. Co. 81. V. Wadsworth. 198, 201. V. Wales. 846. V. Ward. 69, 744. V. Webster. 599. V. Williamson's Ex'rs. 110. V. Wright. 239 ...... Gilpatrick v. Glidden. 341. Gilroy's Appeal. 61. Gins V. CoflSnberry. 598. Ginther v. Townsend. 607. Gira v. HaiTis. 609. Giragosian v. Chutjian. 65. Girard Co. v.


Apr 13, 2017 ... BILLINGS - 25 high schools from Montana to Wyoming turned out Thursday at West High School to compete in the Billings Track and Field Invitational. Billings Public Schools Invitational 2017 - 4/13/2017 Billings West High NEW MEET RECORDS: Boys 800m - Dawson LaRance - Billings Sen - 1:53.


(ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ. (: (Unknown) (5823) (no surname) (75); A: A'Hearn (1) Aagard (1) Aards (1) Aaron (2) Aarons (1) Aaronson (3) Abbadusky ( 5) Abbett (9) Abbot (3) Abbott (88) Abeel (4) Abel (24) Abelin (6) Abendroth (1) Abendschon (1) Aber (1) Abercrombie (2) Abernathy (10) Abers (1) Able (24) ...