Since the earliest times the Gnostics (from the Greek word gnosis - meaning ... in addition to their beliefs, where traditional religions do not address this issue.


Nov 9, 2017 ... Bishop of now Lyon, France — Irenaeus wrote “Against Heresies” in the 2nd century AD to argue against Gnostic beliefs and clarify the Biblical ...


Nov 10, 2005 ... The following is an overview of the basic beliefs of Scientology. ... be pinned down with specificity, but common gnostic beliefs included these:.


The origins of the Gospel of Thomas—and the accuracy of its classification as a Gnostic text—are enigmatic.


Jan 19, 2015 ... The God-mission Jesus taught has always faced competing understandings. Within 100 years of Jesus' resurrection, a powerful belief system ...


Learn Gnostic Teachings with The Great Courses. You will learn more about the development of Western religions and Christian theology.


Jan 21, 2015 ... Gnosticism is an ancient religion which denigrated the material world ... ways is still tempted by the ancient beliefs and practices of Gnosticism.


Along with Christian notions, the authors have incorporated ideas from Zen Buddhism and Gnosticism. Gnosticism is a belief system named after the Greek word ...


Gnostic Christians believed that questioning one's faith was always important for it to change and grow. More than accepting a system of beliefs, the meaning of ...