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The most important “heresies” that the early Church faced, were a collection of sects now labelled “Gnosticism.” It was less common in the western half of the ...


Jan 23, 2016 ... Gnosticism may be one of the oldest conspiracy theories in human civilization - but what is it, exactly?


For some months I have been getting questions about the "Gnostic gospels" and The Da Vinci Code, so it seems right to give readers of this newsletter a bit of ...


Dec 27, 2016 ... Gnosticism is a mystical religious idea or philosophy rooted in the idea of secret knowledge about god and the spirit, built on the core idea that ...


Aug 31, 2016 ... Gnosticism is an extreme religious sensibility from the early Christian era that has influenced twentieth century thinkers in their understanding of ...


Discover the mysteries of Gnosticism—its worldview, rituals, and sacred texts— and reveal its remarkable impact on western religious history.


Learn about the ancient teachings of Gnosis from the modern Order of the Gnostics on Gnostic Warrior.


We need to understand the Gnostics and their influence on early Christianity so we can better understand the verses that are written in opposition to Gnosticism.


Exploring the controversy and background of Gnosticism as it relates to Christianity. The fusion of Greek culture with other cultures led to the rise of Gnosticism.