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Dec 28, 2015 ... v. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates,. P.C., Frederick J. Hanna, individually,. Joseph C. Cooling, individually, and. Robert A. Winter, individually,.


Jan 6, 2016 ... CFPB filed a lawsuit in a federal district court against a Georgia-based firm, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, and its three principal partners for ...


May 30, 2018 ... Have you received communication from the law firm of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates regarding a past due debt? If so, here's what to do.


Smith v. Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC, No. 1:17-cv-02291-RDB, Doc. .... Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C., 2016 WL 3654472 (S.D. Ohio July 8, 2016 ).


Smith v. Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC, No. 1:17-cv-02291-RDB, ECF No. .... Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C., ​2016 WL 3654472 (S.D. Ohio July 8, ...


Apr 6, 2012 ... Bates & McGough. Patrick J. Rice (1966) of Augusta, GA, was honored by being named the St. ..... the firm Goldberg. Kohn. Benjamin R. .... Frederick J. Hanna & Associates as a collection attorney. John E. Seay (2010) of ... Anne V. Wallace ( 2011) of Winthrop, MA, has associated with the firm. Burns & Farrey.


Current. Alster, Miller & Greene, LLC. Previous. Goldman, Imani & Goldberg, Inc.,; Frederick J Hanna & Associates, P.C.. Education. U of H Houston,Texas ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... Eric M. Berman, P.C. v. City of ..... Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, No. ... Lauren Goldberg, Dealing in Debt: The High Stakes World of Debt ...


Glen J. Dunn & Associates Ltd. is a plaintiffs' trial firm that serves individuals across the .... Darryl A. Goldberg is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who represents those ..... He briefed and argued a landmark search and seizure case (Illinois v. ..... Frederick J. Sudekum, III, is a founder and senior partner of Sudekum, ...