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Goldring, E., Cravens, X, Murphy, J., Elliot, S. et al. (2009). The Evaluation of Principals: What and How do States and Urban Districts Assess Leadership?


Porter, A.C., Polikoff, M.S., Goldring, E., Murphy, J.; Elliott, S.N.; & May, H. (2010) Investigating the validity ... Goldring, E., Cravens, X, Murphy, J., Elliot, S. et al.


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Mar 1, 1980 ... Goldring first began to compile infornation on laboum in Papers on the Labour System of the Htrdron's Boy ...... Archives of Canada (hereafer NAC), MG 19 A4 I , Microfilm reel A-676, .... Gratien Al laire, "Fur Trade Engages, 1 70 1 - 1 745. ...... Sessions of the District of Montreal, TL32 SI SS 1, Robert Aird vs.