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A golf ball is a special ball designed to be used in the game of golf. Under the rules of golf, a golf ball has a mass no more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams), has a ...


Here's a brief tutorial on golf ball construction: two-piece-golf-ball-A. Two-piece/ Layers: A thin but tough outer layer envelops a large, solid core. Spin is ...


The construction of a golf ball is vitally important to the way it will react to contact with a ... Manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of golf ball construction.


Women's golf balls typically feature a two-piece construction made for slower swing speeds, providing added distance, durability and control. If you are a ...


Oct 16, 2015 ... Imagine what would happen if there was one standard golf ball for the entire ... to the many ways golf balls can be tweaked in their construction.


Apr 11, 2012 ... However, a golf ball's main source of energy is its core. ... (distance) and compression (feel) are all affected by differences in core construction.


The standard golf ball used in the United States is a minimum of 1.68 in (4.26 cm) ... are more than 80 different balls of varying construction materials and design.


The conclusions were, if you take different rated golf balls which have the same construction, aerodynamics, and cover material, and use an automatic golf swing  ...


There are five main golf ball types that involve different golf ball construction and overall performance. It is good to be informed of the differences before trying to ...