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Whether dancing to classical, modern, jazz or hip-hop music, dancers require a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility to bring the music to life through their bodies. Although your daily life may not require you to lift your leg toward the sky or bend over backwards, dance stretches to increase flexibility can help you ...

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Jan 10, 2013 ... If your idea of stretching is sitting in a split for five minutes while you watch TV, it's time to revamp your routine. “Dancers tend to focus on static stretches,” says Brynn Jinnett, a former dancer with New York City Ballet and the founder and creator of Refine Method in NYC. “Many dancers don't do enough to ...


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Aug 31, 2017 ... An illustrated tutorial of exercises to improve leg flexibility; these ballet stretches are best for loosening up your legs.


Nov 1, 2017 ... Dancers can dance better, almost automatically, the more they pay attention to their most important tool – the body! Stretch it out safely and effectively.


There is some debate over whether dancers should stretch before or after dancing. Increased flexibility will improve your range of motion and may reduce chances of injury, but stretching before dancing can reduce your muscle strength and endurance. Try warming up your muscles before dancing, followed by recovery ...


DON'T: Focus only on your problem area—dance fitness is about stretching it all out! “Since everything is connected, it's good to take the time to stretch the entire body and do it in the correct order,” Stacey Nemour, martial artist and flexibility expert tells The Huffington Post. Nemour likes to start at the top of her body, then  ...


Best Way to Stay Flexible Over the Holidays. With the holidays looming I often hear my dancers saying… “Yeah, I'm going to stretch so much over the holidays and .