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Industry standards for load and inflation are in the process of being revised. These tables are current as of 06/16/17. For the most current information, please visit ...


Correct tire inflation is a key component in tire care. The recommended maximum inflation pressures for your tires are indicated on the certification label or in ...


Learn about where to find your tire's recommended tire pressure and how to ... tire pressure when they are cool, with an accurate tire pressure gauge monthly.


Light Truck and Truck/Bus Tires — Selection of size and load range on each axle .... **The “% Increase in Load” is the percentage of the applicable dual load in ...


Inflation Chart found in: What is the Recommended Tire Pressure for New Tires?, Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Inflation..


Tire Inflation Tables. Michelin RV Tires ... Goodyear Truck Tires (Including 17.5" Tires) ... DOT Code Lookup and Register Tires to Receive Recall Information.


Learn how keeping your tires properly inflated can help them last longer. Learn more about tire inflation at Goodyearautoservice.com.


Use our free online tool to find the manufacturer recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, or visit your nearby Firestone Auto Care and we'll do it for you!


Truck and RV Load and Inflation Tables for Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone and Yokohama.