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Jan 8, 2007 ... Governor Camacho of Guam sought to borrow over $400 million through the issuance of bonds. Guam Attorney General Moylan argued that the bond issuance violated the Guam Organic Act, a federal law governing the Territory of Guam. The Organic Act sets the limit for government borrowing to 10% of ...


Oct 26, 2015 ... PEOPLE OF GUAM,. Plaintiff-Appellee, v. VINCENT PETER ROSARIO CAMACHO,. Defendant-Appellant. Supreme Court Case No.: CRA15-013. Superior .... touching viewed in the light most favorable to the Government, and this court's holding in. People v. Enriquez, 2014 Guam 11 ¶¶ 19-22, made it “not ...


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strength of our organization. The OAG is the chief legal officer of the government of. Guam. We are empowered to prosecute all crimes, enforce child support ...... 50. Government of Guam v. 240 sq. m., et. al. AGO Advocate: Assistant Attorney General Kathy A. Fokas. Summary & Outcome: Acquired land by eminent do-.


10:30 AM. 3rdFloor, Manibusan, CR-15-00040, USA v. Camacho Hearing - Continued Answering re Petition for Revocation of Supervised Release - Georgina J Camacho, Lujan / Ecube / David / Podgorski. 3rdFloor ... 3rdFloor, Manibusan, CR-16-00010, Government Of Guam v. Cortez .... Danny Leon Guerrero, et al.


Apr 2, 2018 ... CNMI vs. Jessica Leon Guerrero & Emerita Camacho. Criminal Felony - SPN. STATUS CONFERENCE. Court: 18-0021-CR. CNMI vs. Kintin Alofonso* .... Bank of Guam vs. Joaquin B. Camacho, et.al. Breach of Contract \ Collect - SPN. ORDER IN AID OF JUDGMENT. Court: 16-0125-CV. Atkins Kroll v.


Apr 9, 2018 ... Crtm: Parties. Multi Purpose. Triple J Saipan, Inc., et al v. James L. Gilnifrad, et al. Multi Purpose. Quincy Corporation dba Micronesia Marine vs. Ikuo O. Yoshizawa and Sonic International,. Inc. Multi Purpose. Bank of Guam v Juan S. Camacho. District Court. CNMI vs. Always, Jaime* & Sony, Weiner*.


Dec 14, 2010 ... Tel: (671) 472-8931 • Fax: (671) 477-4826 • Email: governor@guam.gov. Felix P. Camacho. Governor. Michael W. Cruz. 1\i.D. Lieufettunt Governor. The Honorable ... 7 although the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act provides that the local government ...... 2010 Guam 11 Derek M. Guerrero, etal. vs. Dennis ...


Jun 8, 2010 ... $283.50. Agne Julio M Etal. T10413 L2-R1. Yigo. 929.00. 0.00. 0. $40.64. Agne Julio M Etal. T10413 L2-1. Yigo. 929.00. 0.00. 0. $40.64. Agora Guam ...... $165.80. Assessee/Owner. Parcel Description. Municipality L.A.. B.A.. E.A.. Tax Due. Arizanga Warlie V. T136 B2 L10-1. Dededo [S]. 877.00. 1,008.00. 0.