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grady gordon is originally from santa fe, nm. his art is deeply influenced by various mythologies from across the world. in each new series he finds a particular myth to re-appropriate into a new version, and of course creates the images solely in black and white. grady utilizes the most crude mark-making instruments to bring ...


... BATHE1.jpg farderrig1.jpg grady1.jpg grady2.jpg grady3.jpg grady4.jpg grady5 .jpg BEEKEEPER.jpg CHANCE-ENCOUNTER1.jpg sheslostcontrol.jpg SNAKETWIN.jpg invaders.jpg thebachelor.jpg headsss1.jpg 10.jpg death.jpg a. png e.png. ALL CONTENT CONTAINED HEREIN COPYRIGHT 2017 GRADY GORDON.


Jul 27, 2015 ... Originally from New Mexico, Oakland based artist Grady Gordon creates dark and surreal monotype prints of frightful creatures. He describes his style of work as “Monster Existentialism”, Rorschach inkblot test-like images portraying the psychology of his subjects. He creates his images first using a crude ...


Aug 23, 2012 ... Oakland-based artist Grady Gordon produces ghoulish black and white monotype prints. The knowledge that each image is unique contributes to a sense that the figures depicted are real. That at any moment they could leave the paper and enter your nightmares. Until this year, Gordon only depicted heads ...


Grady Gordon's monotypes are inspired by the Swedish concept of Maredröm, or “mare ride.” It is a force that comes to a sleeping person in the night and physically transfers nightmares into them while sitting their chest.


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Grady Gordon and Derek Albeck "Collaborative Works" @ The Smoking Nun, SF. Two artists we really enjoy, Grady Gordon and Derek Albeck, have built a body of collaborative works that will go on display together at Smoking Nun in San Francisco starting on May 30, 2015. The sh. May 30, 2015 ...