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Part V discusses the January 2013 Supreme Court of Vir- ... DOUGLAS E. ABRAMS ET AL., CONTEMPORARY FAMILY LAW 1063 (2d ed. 2009) (quot- ing Bruce ...... Gray v. Johnson, 376 S.E.2d. 787, 791 0fa. Ct. App. 1989)). 217. Id. at 721. 218. .... Bostic v. Rainey, No. 2:13cv395, 2014 WL 561978, at *23 (E.D. Va. Feb.


BEN'J.'ONITES v. I c. LIMES'l'ONE, GRAY TO TAN, VERY FINE TO FINELY c L ...... Ross, R.J., et al., 1982, The Ordovician System in the United ..... S-9 BOSTIC.


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Carvey v. WV BOE, et al. Klandorf, et al. V. WVU Board of Trustees. Bostic v. ... Gray v. Kanawha County BOE. Woods v. BOE of Monroe County. Akers v. Mercer  ...


American Press Association et al. v. United States et al ............... 18: 279. American Radiator Co. v. Rogge .... 22: 265. American Ry. Express Co. v. Bailey.


Zaidi and Bostic (2008) studied color constancy in real scenes with a ... In an important series of papers, Brainard et al. studied color constancy in a nearly .... In the full-cue condition, the chips were laid out on a table on a medium gray cloth ..... colors and denoted below the bars as follows: G (green), B (blue), V ( purple), ...


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