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The case, organized and filed by civil rights attorney Fred Gray, determined that bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama was ...


Fred David Gray (born December 14, 1930) is a civil rights attorney, preacher and activist who ... In some of his first cases as a young Alabama attorney (and solo practitioner), Gray defended Claudette Colvin and later Rosa Parks, who were ... Other notable civil rights cases brought and argued by Gray included Dixon v.


Oct 9, 2014 ... administration of the special-needs trust exception. See Schweiker v. Gray Panthers,. 453 U.S. 34, 43 (1981) (noting Congress has granted the ...


Dec 11, 2014 ... BONNILYN A. MASCIO,. Plaintiff − Appellant, v. CAROLYN W. COLVIN, Acting Commissioner of Social Security,. Defendant – Appellee, and.


Oct 12, 2016 ... but is actually from the Second Circuit, merely adopts Flatford. See Yancey v. Apfel, 145 F.3d 106, 113 (2d Cir. 1998). Mancari, a decision from ...


Hart v. Berryhill Implementation. (also known as Hart v. Colvin). Focus on class members with open claims. August 10, 2017. Gerald McIntyre, Special Counsel.


Jan 19, 2018 ... She was arrested and became one of four plaintiffs in Browder v. ... The decision in the 1956 case, which had been filed by Fred Gray and ...


Jul 7, 2014 ... Fred Gray took on the cases of Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks in 1955. ... Defense for Colvin and Parks. Gray had ... In 1960's Gomillion v.


Colvin was among the five women originally included in Browder v. Gayle. Colvin was considered the star witness in the case, which resulted in the Supreme ...