Apr 8, 2016 ... On April 7th, 2016, Dr. Lisa Samet presented a webinar to help consumers understand how to use homeopathy to treat stomach bugs.


There are many home remedies for indigestion. Learn how to avoid and calm upset stomach bouts through smart food choices and home remedy treatments.


Sometimes they are called stomach migraine or migraine of the stomach. ... 7 in 10 of childhood migraine sufferers did not receive effective migraine medication ...


That's a strategy that can pay off. You see, your dog's gut health could be out of whack. One thing's for sure: Treating only stomach symptoms is NOT ideal.


Acid reflux is the entry of acid and digestive enzymes from the stomach into the esophagus. ... having persistent bad breath or gurgling, see the veterinarian right away. ... Treating acid reflux can be as simple as changing your dog's food, or as  ...


Coffee can have some surprisingly damaging effects on your digestion. Here's why it causes stomach pain, bad gas, bloating and other intestinal upsets. Also 8  ...


If the sour stomach is acute and relieves with help of some home remedies then it is ... Acid Reflux, Belching; Gurgling in stomach; Sour or metallic taste in mouth.


Jun 3, 2009 ... Do you get stomach aches sometimes when you're stressed? I do. While you may not want to eat anything, experts say there are a few foods ...


Oct 16, 2017 ... If food stays too long in the stomach, it can cause problems like bacterial overgrowth because ... Several drugs are used to treat gastroparesis.