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Trying to figure out how to replicate the guitar tone or effects used on a favorite song? Want to sort out all the differences among the dozens of Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster models? Or maybe it's Gibson's huge range of Les Pauls that's got you puzzled. With The Hub's exclusive Buying Guides you'll be able to choose ...


Oct 17, 2017 ... Keep reading to get all the information you need to make the right decision for your next acoustic guitar. And remember, we're here to help with friendly Gear Heads available at 1-800-449-9128 who can guide you to the acoustic guitar that best meets your needs. Our generous return policy helps ensure ...


Who hasn't dreamed of playing guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans? We might not be able to help you play any better, but we can put the right axe in your hands! This Sweetwater Buying Guide includes information that can help you choose an Electric Guitar for your needs. Since there's so much to consider when ...


Choosing the right acoustic guitar doesn't have to be a tricky process. Sweetwater's expert content team will break it down for you!


Apr 17, 2015 ... You've got the bug—you've decided to buy an acoustic guitar—and nothing will stop you, not even the haunted, hungry look in your children's eyes. So you empty your bank account, raid your kids' college fund and head down to a local house of ill repute: a music store. You're gonna get that acoustic, ...


you probably know whether you want an acoustic, electric, or bass. So you can make an informed decision, you'll find an easy-to-read, straightforward and relevant guitar buying guide for each type below. We have also included an extra guide about the different types of acoustic guitars, for those who want more even more ...


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Where to buy an acoustic guitar? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this free eBook will guide you there.

May 18, 2013 ... You can find our contact information here: http://elderly.com/phones.htm Demonstration by Elden Kelly Filmed, Produced and Edited by Michael Erlewine.