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The identity, distribution, and impacts of non-native apple snails in the continental United States. Timothy A Rawlings,; Kenneth A Hayes,; Robert H Cowie and; Timothy M CollinsEmail author. BMC Evolutionary Biology20077:97. https://doi. org/10.1186/1471-2148-7-97. © Rawlings et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2007.


Brown et al. 2 Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. June 1999 acute exposures, the EPA established a lower threshold limit for mercury in fish muscle at 0.5 parts per billion. (ppb), based on the observations of the Iraqi episode. The most recent health study has raised some uncer- tainty over the link of ...


Jul 21, 2008 ... ... (iii) collinearity among candidate climatic covariates; (iv) the use of statistics, to assess statistical support for climatic covariates effects, that deal poorly with unexplained variation in survival; (v) spurious detection of effects due to the co‐ occurrence of trends in survival and the climatic covariate time series; ...


Jul 28, 2017 ... Previous investigators have found that, relative to assessing static emotional experiences, assessing these emotional dynamics in the brain can offer additional insight into the fundamental neural and psychological mechanisms underlying emotion (Waugh et al., 2015). For example, subtle changes in the ...


Sep 2, 2008 ... In these repeated threat situations, the emotional flexibility hypothesis suggests that resilient people should exhibit appropriate emotional and physiological responses when the negative events occur, and appropriate nonemotional responses when the negative events do not occur (Waugh et al., 2008).


V. Literary rights of the unpublished writings cf. December, 1977 in these papers, and in other collections of papers in the custody of the New Hav~n Colony Historical Society Library, pave been dedicated to the New Haven ..... George Cokburne, et al., Navy Office, Jan. 26, 1762. July 5, 1 ...... Wooster; 1751 - James Waugh;.


V. Health Effects of Mercury and Mercury Compounds. VI. An Ecological Assessment for Anthropogenic Mercury Emissions in the United States. VII. Characterization of Human Health and ...... and the fly ash mercury removals across the range of temperatures was a nominal 15% (Waugh et al,. August and December, 1997).


Jun 30, 2017 ... 12-080-00-00-053-002 & 12-080-00-00-053-006 from: Arthur, Kimberly S. etal. $196,500.00. 5999 S R 540 to: Evers ... 12-094-00-00-010-000 & 12-094-00-00- 007-000 from: Grant, James E. Trustee etal. $290,000.00. 5766 S R 540 ..... $90,200.00. 11278 Chinook Path to: Waugh, Randall S. & Christine K.


et al. (this volume) discussed sampling fruits in tropical communities where diversity of both fruits and fruiteaters is high, and where defining a fruit (or at least ...... controls (36% vs. 13%). Analysis of survival among treatments between crown strata was more complicated. .4pparently the sticky barriers of- fered the pupae little ...