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[1] The United Nations (U.N.) and individual governments were the primary actors ... resources at their disposal, to influence "high politics" on behalf of those they cast as ... This task is similar in concept to the global NGO Watch projects run by the .... social, aid, military cooperation, and training) between all states and Israel.


Feb 10, 2018 ... working people of all races to engage in the civic life of their ...... Yet even as the individual and society-wide benefits of preschool are ...... private attorneys general, suing on behalf of the state when their ..... than to similarly situated white people.227 ...... Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, September 2017, ...


Apr 7, 2003 ... To address these challenges, NIJ, together with the Israel National .... typical police responses to these and similar incidents are ..... Section 15 of the Charter declares: “Every individual is equal before and under the ...... respects private policing organizations may be better placed for the policing of such.


Dec 6, 2010 ... Europe, which is similarly challenged by population aging as the United States, ... Further data were collected in Israel during the years 2005–2006. ... Note that all items were translated into national languages from the same ... Finally, we control for the individual's country of residence and for the year in ...


Parent and Next Friend of MALCOM WILLIAMS, JR. and in his individual ...... BILL WALKER, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. ...... states that “ inmates said [Raymur] pulled down the pants of Israel Noriega. .... however, find this argument unpersuasive because the relevant cases, Gillespie, Hanks and.


Jan 25, 2010 ... Similarly, fractional shares of our Class B Common Stock .... and Chief Executive Officer and as a director of Cablevision. Hank J. ...... fact that any such individual directs a corporate opportunity (other ...... The current Madison Square Garden complex, located between 31st and 33rd Streets and Seventh and.


May 31, 1995 ... of all the levels of arms procurement decision making in China, India, Israel, ... Wezeman, reviewed individual country studies and provided useful comments. ..... similar manner, constraining the defence budget can save capital ..... A major reform in arms procurement is the emphasis placed on long-term.


economic, historic and diplomatic ties between New Zealand and Israel are ... now and then by a well-‐placed individual responding to instinct or passion. I ... Wellington Jewish Archives all deserve thanks for their patient and professional ...... sent a letter by Mr Louis Phillips on behalf of the Zionist Council of New Zealand.


was similarly aimed at corporations and greatly aided ... EDITORIAL BOARD Joseph Dimow, Henry Foner, Lyber Katz, .... million people, seven out of every thousand, are wasting .... interests of the people of Israel? ...... cal beliefs of individual scientists, is the profit motive. ... Friend) in London and led relief work on behalf of.