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4 See Michael Stokes Paulsen, The Constitutional Power to Interpret International ... Corp. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London, 587 F.3d 714, 732-33 (5th Cir. ... 1243, 1307-23 (2005); Oona A. Hathaway et al., International Law at Home: ...


prioritises those stimuli that are relevant to the current task (Miller et al., 1996; Rainer,. Asaad .... from ~150 ms (i.e., target vs. non‐target; from Stokes et al. [ 2013] ...


and sense of control (Craven et al., 1991), as well as reducing students' ... that greater attention be given to “use-inspired basic research” (Stokes, 1997; see also ..... (h) Including non-target measures to test for the discriminant validity of the intervention; ...... Claudia C Brandenberger; Gerda Hagenauer; Tina Hascher. View.


Fehlern stattfinden (Bauer, 2008; Meurier et al., 1997), nur eine mögliche ..... Einstellungen gegenüber Fehlern sind die von Rybowiak et al. (1999) ...... Yet, Stokes, Kemper, and Kite (1997) found experts to be bet- ...... Hascher & Mahler, 1999; van Dyck et al., 2005). ...... sadder-but-wiser vs. smarter-but-happier hypotheses.



|Mol Biol Cell; |v.25(22); 2014 November 5; |PMC4230615 ..... The pCMV-3× PAGFP plasmid was described previously (Weissmann et al., 2009 .... The Stokes –Einstein equation, D = kBT/6πηRH, for diffusion of spherical particles in ..... [ PubMed]; Mylonas E, Hascher A, Bernado P, Blackledge M, Mandelkow E, Svergun DI.


Nov 5, 2014 ... drites when being attached to MTs (Ittner et al., 2010). It is also sur- .... not have any effect (Figure 5C, left vs. right). To determine the ..... and PAGFP-tub. The Stokes–Einstein equation, D = kBT/6πηRH, for diffusion of ..... Mylonas E, Hascher A, Bernado P, Blackledge M, Mandelkow E, Svergun DI. (2008).


Dec 15, 2005 ... Galligan, Tom's wife Susan Stokes Galligan, and two of the couple's four children, daughters Sarah and. Aisling, as the ...... trine in Plessy v. Ferguson, and .... refused to sit at the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and the U.S. ..... et to retrieve some photo albums. ...... which is something she has cher-.


mean square of the radii, r, in the volume, v, of the protein ... chains [48]. Wilkins et al. obtained similar results on a ... radius, or Stokes radius, is the radius of the equivalent sphere ...... [112] Mylonas, E.; Hascher, A.; Bernado, P.; Blackledge, M. ;.