HICA Education Loan Corporation. South Dakota. Mustang Funding I, LLC. Delaware. Mustang Funding II, LLC. Delaware. Nellie Mae Corporation. Delaware.


This was the nation's largest non-profit Federal Family Education Loan Program ( FFELP) Student ... 1985-2001 Hemar Insurance Corporation of America (HICA)


the Federal Family Education Loan Program (""FFELP'') or result in loans being ... to SLM Corporation, more commonly known as Sallie Mae, and its subsidiaries ( collectively, ""the ...... Management intends to dissolve HICA by the end of 2005.


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This section of FinAid provides information about student loan guarantee ... Education Assistance Corporation (EAC) is a guarantor of Federal student ..... ReliaMax Surety Company acquired HEMAR Insurance Corporation of America ( HICA) ...


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or entities that have purchased a portfolio of student loans, such as holders of securitized loan pools or .... 13 See, e.g., HICA Educ. Loan Corp. v. Perez ... from Arrowood Capital Corp.19 This form indicates that the promissory note was “Lost in.


29, 1994--Sallie Mae, the nation's largest investor in insured education loans, announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire HICA Holding Inc.