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In 1951, the company was renamed Texas Instruments (TI) with GSI as a division. GSI was later sold by TI, repurchased, and finally sold again to Halliburton in 1988. Halliburton also acquired GeoSource, a competing geophysical contractor (formerly Petty-Ray Geophysical), and attempted to merge the two companies.


The original GSI was founded in 1930 to offer the first ever reflection seismograph exploration services to the oil industry. The original GSI would later spin off a company known at Texas Instruments in 1950. GSI was bought by Halliburton in 1988. In 1992, a Canadian, Davey Einarsson who was a long time executive with ...


Welcome. GSI is a geophysical service company providing exclusive and non- exclusive 2D and 3D marine seismic data, gravity and magnetic data offshore Canada and around the world. GSI is the largest owner of marine seismic data in Canada. Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta.


Geophysics. Maximize your understanding of the subsurface. Geophysical understanding is critical to the complete evaluation of your reservoirs. With that in mind, we have invested significantly to create a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services are supported by a network of petrotechnical experts armed with ...


Halliburton offers a broad array of oilfield services and products to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide.


Artificial Lift · Cementing · Chemical Services · Consulting · Coring · Drill Bits · Drilling · Fluid Services · Formation Evaluation · Hole Enlargement · Integrated Asset Management · Pipeline & Process Services · Project Management · Real Time Services · Reservoir & Fracture Monitoring · Reservoir Testing & Analysis · Sand ...


Pinnacle provides microseismic and fiber-optic monitoring services that help operators visualize fracturing results, improving understanding of downhole ... This unique portfolio combined with expert geophysical and engineering support has delivered subsurface insight and value to Pinnacle customers for over 20 years.


May 12, 1988 ... Halliburton Co. agreed today to buy Gearhart Industries Inc. for about $277 million in cash and stock in a deal that will give Halliburton a bigger foothold ... In February, Halliburton acquired 60% of Texas Instrument Inc.'s Geophysical Services Inc. for an initial downpayment of $50 million with an additional ...


Geophysical Service Inc. (GSI)/ Halliburton Geophysical. Local Business.