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A hauntingly huge collection of Halloween tombstone sayings. These epitaphs range from humorous to spooky, but they all add up to Halloween fun.


The Halloween experts at DIY Network show you how to turn your front yard into a funny graveyard.


Tombstones can have just about anything written on them. Epitaphs are usually the best but not always. Sometimes just the good ole RIP is the "feel" that you are trying to convey. Some tombstones can be made to be either scary or a little comical. I usually try to mix it up. More fun to get your TOTs wondering. I have made a ...


So whats on your tombstone? Here are a pile of tombstones epitaphs to put on your tomstone creations. Have fun with your tombstone names. and email us if you have any great tombstone epitaphs for us. The funnier the better. We will add the best ones here.


Tombstone Epitaphs. If you've come up blank after wracking your brain to come up with creative epitaphs to put up your tombstones these may be just what you need. Some of these are from actual tombstones. These are listed with the location of the cemetery if known in parentheses after the epitaph. tombstone image.


Funny Tombstone Sayings, funny tombstone epitaphs and other Easy Homemade Halloween Recipes and Ideas.


Sep 17, 2015 ... All of these were found through FindAGrave.com where they have an interesting collection of epitaphs. All of these are from their collection in the USA, though there are many more. They have a searchable database of many, many grave sites both inside and outside the United States. Not all of them ...


October 18, 2007 12:03 PM Subscribe. What are some clever and slightly disturbing epitaphs that I can put on my tombstones for Halloween? I've been looking around for some new epitaphs for my tombstones and have found a lot of them to be campy, cheesy and downright terrible. Things like: Ben Dover I told you I was ...