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Dr. Elmer grew up in an Air Force family. After Texas, California, Japan, and Illinois, he landed the plane in Alabama, where he stayed for Autauga County High ...


Get news from our clinic, including ways our doctors are impacting the Birmingham community with free clinics and education initiatives.


"I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I am married and have 3 children. I attend Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. I mostly do a lot of ...


Maurizio Meloni, Simon Williams and Paul Martin. Biology: Scott and ..... 2004; Williams et al., 2003; Cromby, 2004, 2005, 2007; Newton, 2003, 2007). This stream of ..... litical science (Hancock, 2013). .... Sociology, 114 (S1): v–x. Bearman, P.


Jan 7, 2009 ... We describe evidence from the literature on deletions versus .... We also used the schizophrenia gene database (Allen et al. ... Genome-scan studies have linked the 17p11.2 region with a variety of disorders, including schizophrenia (Williams et al. ... 2001; Simon et al. .... 2007; Riby and Hancock 2008).


For instance, flying hours on a given military aircraft (vs. hours on all aircraft) were taken as a proxy for ... such observations can be used to improve and refine critical performance skills (Ward, Williams, & Hancock, 2006). ... Subsequent trials by a companion research group (Hunter et al. .... [PubMed]; Chase WG, Simon HA.


Most of these studies have relied on either the HapMap (Frazer et al. ... 2007; Hancock et al. .... fixed selective sweeps, but does not rely on a reference population (Williamson et al. ...... [PubMed]; McGowan K.A., Li J.Z., Park C.Y., Beaudry V., Tabor H.K., Sabnis A.J., Zhang W., Fuchs H., de Angelis M.H., Myers R.M., et al.


Estates of Mitchell Hampton and Minnie Ola Reynolds, et al. v. .... Eschelon Telecom, Inc., Clifford D. Williams, Richard A. Smith, Louis L. Massaro, Mark E. .... John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. and John Hancock Life Insurance Company ..... TD Bank, N.A., Deborah C. Peck, Dennis Moens, Simon Franciscus, Wilhelmus ...


Mar 31, 2017 ... E. coli DH5α (TransGen, Beijing, China), S17-1 (Simon et al., 1983) strains .... electrophoresed on ice at 100 V for 1.5 h, followed by DNA staining in 0.5 .... 2008; Shao et al., 2008; Kahramanoglou et al., 2011; Hancock et al., 2016), ..... Goldberg, M. D., Johnson, M., Hinton, J. C., and Williams, P. H. (2001).